Faculty Affiliates

Dr. Desai is the University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center of Excellence in Product Design and Advanced Manufacturing. His expertise is in the areas of smart digital manufacturing, hybrid additive, nano and bio manufacturing, multiphysics modeling, cyber-physical systems, regenerative tissue engineering, product design and realization. He holds a Ph.D. and MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

Salil Desai, sdesai@ncat.edu
University Distinguished Professor
Director, Center of Product Design and Advanced Manufacturing
Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
College of Engineering

Department of Chemical, Biological and Bioengineering
Narayan Bhattarai, Associate Professor - nbhattar@ncat.edu
Arvind Chandrasekaran, Assistant Professor - achandra@ncat.edu
Mohammad Azad, Assistant Professor - maazad@ncat.edu
Yeo Heung Yun, Professor - yyun@ncat.edu
Lijun Wang, Professor - lwang@ncat.edu 

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Jag Sankar, University Distinguished Professor - sankar@ncat.edu
Dhananjay Kumar, Professor - dkumar@ncat.edu
David Schall, Assistant Professor - jschall@ncat.edu
Ajit Kelkar, Professor - kelkar@ncat.edu
Sun Yi, Associate Professor - syi@ncat.edu
Michael Atkinson, Assistant Professor - mdatkinson@ncat.edu
Paul Akangah, Associate Professor - pmakanga@ncat.edu 

Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Steven Xiaochun Jiang, Associate Professor, xjiang@ncat.edu
Sanjiv Sarin, Professor - sarin@ncat.edu
Zhichao Li, Associate Professor - zli@ncat.edu
Lauren Davis, Professor - lbdavis@ncat.edu
Michael Hamilton, Assistant Professor - mahamilton1@ncat.edu
Younho Seong, Professor - yseong@ncat.edu
Stephen Oneyear, Adjunct Associate Professor - sjoneyea@ncat.edu
Hyung Nam Kim, Assistant Professor - hnkim@ncat.edu
Faisal Alkaabneh, Assistant Professor - fmalkaabneh@ncat.edu

Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Taher Abu-Ledbeh, Professor - taher@ncat.edu
Renzun Zhao, Assistant Professor - rzhao@ncat.edu
Raymond Tesiero, Assistant Professor - rctesier@ncat.edu
Ahmed Megri, Associate Professor -  acmegri@ncat.edu
Sameer Hamoush, Professor - sameer@ncat.edu
Venkatesh Pandey, Assistant Professor - vpandey@ncat.edu

Mohd Anwar, Associate Professor - manwar@ncat.edu

Kristen Rhinehardt, Assistant Professor - klrhineh@ncat.edu 
Balakrishna Gokaraju, Associate Professor - bgokaraju@ncat.edu
Marwan Bikdash, Professor and Chair - bikdash@ncat.edu

Binbin Yang, Assistant Professor - byang1@ncat.edu
Ioannis Raptis, Assistant Professor - iraptis@ncat.edu
Kory Bennett, Director of Robotics Outreach - kory@ncat.edu
Abdullah Eroglu, Professor and Chair - aeroglu@ncat.edu


Shyam Aravamudhan, Associate Professor - saravamu@ncat.edu
Lifeng Zhang, Associate Professor - lzhang@ncat.edu
Jeff Alston, Assistant Professor - jralston1@ncat.edu
Reza Zadegan, Assistant Professor - rzadegan@ncat.edu
Kristen Dellinger, Assistant Professor - kdellinger@ncat.edu