Ioannis Raptis

Assistant Professor

Ioannis Raptis
M.S.Electrical Engineering / The Ohio State University
Ph.D.Electrical Engineering / University of South Florida
B.S.Electrical and Computer Engineering / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Recent Publications

  • Elaheh Noursadeghi, Ioannis Raptis (2018). (Reduced-order distributed fault diagnosis for large-scale nonlinear stochastic systems). (5) 140, pp. 051009 ). Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control.
  • Ioannis Raptis, Martin Sinclair (2016). (Dynamic Endpoint Object Conveyance Using a Large-Scale Actuator Network). ). arXiv preprint arXiv:1604.04659.
  • Ioannis Raptis, Elaheh Noursadeghi (2016). (A particle-filtering based approach for distributed fault diagnosis of large-scale interconnected nonlinear systems). ). arXiv preprint arXiv:1604.01130.
  • Christopher Sconyers, Ioannis Raptis (2013). (Diagnosis of fault modes masked by control loops with an application to autonomous hovercraft systems). pp. 1--15 ). International journal of prognostics and health management.
  • Ioannis Raptis, George Vachtsevanos (2011). (An adaptive particle filtering-based framework for real-time fault diagnosis and failure prognosis of environmental control systems). ). Proceedings of the Prognostics and Health Management.
  • Kimon Valavanis, Ioannis Raptis (2011). (Linear tracking control for small-scale unmanned helicopters). (4) 20, pp. 995--1010 ). IEEE Transactions on control systems technology.
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  • Ioannis Raptis (2009). (Linear and nonlinear control of unmanned rotorcraft). ).
  • Kimon Valavanis, Ioannis Raptis (2009). (System identification for a miniature helicopter at hover using fuzzy models). (3) 56, pp. 345--362 ). Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems.
  • Sujatha Srinivasan (2008). (Low-dimensional sagittal plane model of normal human walking). (5) 130, pp. 051017 ). Journal of biomechanical engineering.
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