Michael D Atkinson

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

McNair 606
B.S.Mechanical Engineering / North Carolina A & T State University
M.S.Mechanical Engineering / North Carolina A & T State University
Ph.D.Aerospace Engineering / University of Dayton


Dr. Atkinson is an Assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering. Prior to joining NCAT, he worked as an advanced lead, aerospace design engineer at General Electric Aviation (GEA) in Evendale, Ohio, where he designed high-speed nozzles for next generation military aircraft. He has over 10 years of experience in applied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) at the Air Force Research Laboratory (Wright-Patterson AFB) and Naval Air Systems Command, where his work primarily focused on supersonic inlet design, non-equilibrium angle-of-attack reentry flow, and plasma-based flow control for advanced flight control. His recent work includes high-fidelity, multi-phase flow analysis for design and optimization of ocean wave renewable energy devices, and plasma-based flow control of incompressible, separated flow.

Recent Publications

  • Tasmin Hossain, Julio Mendez, David Dodoo-Amoo, Michael Atkinson, Frederick Ferguson (An Improved Finite Volume Solution of the Mach 0.5 Flat Plate Problem).
  • Mahdi Hasan, Michael Atkinson (Control of Flow Separation on a Hump Model Using a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator). In Jeffrey Donnell PhD, (5) 18, pp. 12. Nineteenth Annual Early Career Technical Conference .
  • Dodoo-Amoo$^1$, David, Julio Mendez, Dehua Feng, Michael Atkinson, Frederick Ferguson (Investigating Unsteady Flow Physics Using an Improved Finite Volume Scheme).
  • Mohammad Uddin, Michael Atkinson, Frimpong Opoku (2020). (A Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation of a Numerically Simulated Wave Tank). In Kambiz Ebrahimi, Dr. SRINIVASA VENKATESHAPPA CHIKKOL, (1) 8, pp. 40-49. American Journal of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Mahdi Hasan, Michael Atkinson (2020). (Investigation of a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator to Control Turbulent Boundary Layer Separation ). (1911) 10, MDPI Applied Sciences.
  • Frimpong Opoku, Michael Atkinson, Mohammad Uddin (2020). (Numerical Investigation of an Offshore Oscillating Water Column). In Kambiz Ebrahimi, Dr. SRINIVASA, (3) 8, pp. 88-105. American Journal of Mechanical Engineering.