Bishnu P Bastakoti

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Science and Technology


New Science Building, 1601 East Market Street, Greensboro 27411 329
B.S.Chemistry / Tribhuvan University
M.S.Chemistry / Tribhuvan University
Ph.D.Energy and Materials Science / Saga University

Research Interests

Synthesis of polymer and inorganic nanomaterials (metal, oxides and carbon), their self-assembly and applications in catalysis and energy generation.

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Recent Publications

  • Bishnu Bastakoti, Sudhina Guragain, Juan Perez-Mercader (2018). (Direct Synthesis of Polymer Vesicles on the Hundred-Nanometer-and-Beyond Scale Using Chemical Oscillations). (42) 24, pp. 10621-10624 ). CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL.
  • Yousef Alghamdi, Abdulmohsen Alshehri, Bishnu Bastakoti, Sudhina Guragain, Jeonghun Kim, Nagy Torad, Yusuke Yamauchi (2018). (Synthesis of nanoporous calcium carbonate spheres using double hydrophilic block copolymer poly(acrylic acid-b-N-isopropylacrylamide)). 230, pp. 143-147 ). MATERIALS LETTERS.
  • Bishnu Bastakoti, Juan Perez-Mercader (2017). (Autonomous Ex Novo Chemical Assembly with Blebbing and Division of Functional Polymer Vesicles from a "Homogeneous Mixture"). (43) 29, ). ADVANCED MATERIALS.
  • Katsuhiko Ariga, Bishnu Bastakoti, Joel Henzie, Yunqi Li, Hongpan Rong, Rahul Salunkhe, Lok Shrestha, Toshiaki Takei, Haibo Tan, Jing Tang, Yusuke Yamauchi (2017). (Hollow carbon nanospheres using an asymmetric triblock copolymer structure directing agent). (1) 53, pp. 236-239 ). CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS.
  • Yoshio Bando, Bishnu Bastakoti, W. Farooq, Amanullah Fatehmulla, Sudhina Guragain, Md. Islam, Yunqi Li, Lok Shrestha, Yusuke Yamauchi (2017). (Mesostructured fullerene crystals through inverse polymeric micelle assembly). 209, pp. 272-275 ). MATERIALS LETTERS.
  • Yoshio Bando, Bishnu Bastakoti, Wazirzada Farooq, Amanullah Fatehmulla, Daisuke Ishii, Yusuf Kaneti, Kenya Kani, Shunsuke Tanaka, Yusuke Yamauchi, (2017). (Self-Assembly of Polymeric Micelles Made of Asymmetric Polystyrene-b-Polyacrylic Acid-b-Polyethylene Oxide for the Synthesis of Mesoporous Nickel Ferrite). (10) pp. 1328-1332 ). EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY.
  • Hatem Alamri, Zeid Alothman, Bishnu Bastakoti, Wei-Cheng Chu, Yusuf Kaneti, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Jheng-Guang Li, Yusuke Yamauchi (2017). (Tailored Design of Bicontinuous Gyroid Mesoporous Carbon and Nitrogen-Doped Carbon from Poly(ethylene oxide-b-caprolactone) Diblock Copolymers). (55) 23, pp. 13734-13741 ). CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL.
  • Tansir Ahamad, Saad Alshehri, Bishnu Bastakoti, Wei Chu, Shiao Kuo, Victor Malgras, Dong Peng, Malay Pramanik, Yusuke Yamauchi (2016). (Co-templating Synthesis of Bimodal Mesoporous Silica for Potential Drug Carrier). (7) 1, pp. 1339-1346 ). CHEMISTRYSELECT.
  • Bishnu Bastakoti, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Yi-Syuan Lu, Victor Malgras, Malay Pramanik, Yusuke Yamauchi (2016). (Direct Assembly of Mesoporous Silica Functionalized with Polypeptides for Efficient Dye Adsorption). (3) 22, pp. 1159-1164 ). CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL.
  • Saad Alshehri, Bishnu Bastakoti, Sudhina Guragain, Jung Kim, Yunqi Li, Zongwen Liu, Victor Malgras, Kyubin Shim, Yusuke Yamauchi (2016). (Formation of mesopores inside platinum nanospheres by using double hydrophilic block copolymers). 182, pp. 190-193 ). MATERIALS LETTERS.
  • Bishnu Bastakoti, Chien-Chen Cheng, Wei-Cheng Chu, Shiao-Wei Kuo (2016). (Hierarchical mesoporous silicas templated by PE-b-PEO-b-PLA triblock copolymer for fluorescent drug delivery). (40) 6, pp. 33811-33820 ). RSC ADVANCES.
  • Bishnu Bastakoti, M. Hossain, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Yunqi Li, Y. Lu, Malay Pramanik, Yi-Chen Wu, Ekrem Yanmaz (2016). (Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Film Formed From a Bioinspired Supramolecular Assembly). (14) 1, pp. 4295-4299 ). CHEMISTRYSELECT.
  • Saad Alshehri, Bishnu Bastakoti, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Yi-Syuan Lu, Malay Pramanik, Yusuke Yamauchi (2016). (Nanoarchitectures of self-assembled poly(styrene-b-4-vinyl pyridine) diblock copolymer blended with polypeptide for effective adsorption of mercury(II) ions). (108) 6, pp. 106866-106872 ). RSC ADVANCES.
  • Bishnu Bastakoti, Yunqi Li, Yusuke Yamauchi (2016). (Research Update: Triblock copolymers as templates to synthesize inorganic nanoporous materials). (4) 4, ). APL MATERIALS.
  • Yoshio Bando, Bishnu Bastakoti, Bo Jiang, Jeonghun Kim, Jung Kim, Cuiling Li, Yunqi Li, Mohammed Shahabuddin, Jing Tang, Yusuke Yamauchi (2016). (Strategic synthesis of mesoporous Pt-on-Pd bimetallic spheres templated from a polymeric micelle assembly). (23) 4, pp. 9169-9176 ). JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A.
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  • Hideki Abe, Zeid ALOthman, Bishnu Bastakoti, Yunqi Li, Zongwen Liu, Andrew Minett, Yusuke Yamauchi (2015). (A dual soft-template synthesis of hollow mesoporous silica spheres decorated with Pt nanoparticles as a CO oxidation catalyst). (119) 5, pp. 97928-97933 ). RSC ADVANCES.
  • Bishnu Bastakoti, Shinsuke Ishihara, Cuiling Li, Yunqi Li, Victor Malgras, Yusuke Yamauchi (2015). (Block Copolymer-Assisted Solvothermal Synthesis of Bimetallic Pt-Pd Nanoparticles). 183, pp. 119-124 ). ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA.
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