College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design is popular among students seeking professional careers dedicated to improving the natural environment for long-term, sustainable productivity.

The department offers three Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degrees encompassing four majors:

The department also offers a Master of Science degree in Agricultural and Environmental Systems (Natural Resources and Environmental Systems).

Our programs appeal to people with diverse interests, from the inquisitive scientist to the creative artist. Our two Agriculture and Environmental Systems majors: Environmental Studies and Sustainable Land & Food Systems and Environmental Studies, explore issues related to food production and air, water and soil quality. Biological engineering majors learn to apply physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics to natural products and systems, to make a cleaner, more productive and sustainable world. Landscape architecture majors learn to design and plan for ecologically sound and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

Our forward-looking master’s in Agricultural and Environmental Systems equips graduates with the knowledge and resources they need to effectively tackle current and future environmental issues relevant to sustainable agricultural production and natural resources conservation.

As a student in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design, you will have access to innovative and creative educational programs, groundbreaking research, hands-on learning opportunities, and stimulating activities. You will grow and learn, both in the classroom and out, through a multitude of venues including the University Farm, industrial settings, student clubs, summer internships, our unique outdoor natuculture laboratory, and design-tourism trips. When you leave, you will have the confidence, skills, and knowledge necessary to become a leader and problem solver in your field. Our students are readily recruited by private firms, government agencies, Cooperative Extension, and graduate schools.

Student Leaders Share Their "Why"

Points of Pride

WE OFFER INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS, groundbreaking research and hands-on learning opportunities in biological engineering, landscape architecture, and agricultural and environmental systems with concentrations in environmental studies, and in sustainable land and food systems.


Million in grant funding


The CAES is the nation's largest producer of African American biological engineers


The CAES is the nation's largest producer of African American landscape architects

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Niroj Aryal, Ph.D.
Interim Chair and Associate Professor 
207 Carver Hall
North Carolina A&T State University
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Phone:  (336) 285-2191