Jeffrey R Alston

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Ph.D.Nanoscale Science / University of North Carolina at Charlotte
B.S.Chemistry / University of La Verne

Research Interests

The Alston Research Group focusses on the fundamental and applied aspects of nanomaterial interface and functionalization. Simply put, we manipulate and functionalize nanomaterials for integration into interesting materials for interesting applications. We work to improve our understanding of surface chemistry and practice the functionalization of nanomaterials for improved interface and integration with novel technology. Our current studies involve functionalization of boron nitride nanomaterials, natural polymer manipulation for nanoparticles and 3D tissue constructs, and the use of paramagnetic ionic liquids for aerospace technologies. Due

Recent Publications

  • Haley Harrison, Jason Lamb, Kyle Nowlin, Kamran Ghiassi, Andrew Guenthner, Ajit Kelkar, Jeffrey Alston, , Ajit Kelkar, Haley Harrison, Jeffrey Alston (2019). (Quantification of hexagonal boron nitride impurities in boron nitride nanotubes via FTIR spectroscopy). ). Nanoscale Advances/RSC.
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  • Madani Khan, Jeffrey Alston, Andrew Guenthner, Jacob Zavala, Madani Khan, Jeffrey Alston (2016). (Effect of Surface Treatment on Liquid Adhesion Inside 3-D Structures). ).
  • Shawn Kirby, Josiah Reams, Kamran Ghiassi, Jeffrey Alston, Shawn Kirby, Jeffrey Alston (2016). (Effects of Surface Coatings on Crystalization of Calcium Sulfate). ).
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