Arnab Bhowmik

Assistant Professor

Arnab Bhowmik
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College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Natural Resources & Environ Design

B.S.Agriculture / Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya
M.S.Soil Science / Punjab Agricultural University
Ph.D.Soil Science / North Dakota State University


Dr. Bhowmik has an academic background that includes a bachelor’s in soil science from Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University in West Bengal, India, where he was a merit scholar; a master’s degree in soil science from Punjab Agricultural University in India, where he was a junior research fellow with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research; and a doctorate in soil science for North Dakota State University, where he was inducted to Gamma Sigma Delta, the agriculture honor society. Since earning his doctorate in 2016, he has worked as a post-doctoral fellow at The Pennsylvania State University, collaborating on USDA-NIFA funded projects to study aspects of soil under adaptive management for climate change and soil health. He has also won several awards including Academic Gold Medal during MS and Distinguished Graduate Student Award (Gamma Sigma Delta) during PhD. He is also recipient of the 2020 A&T Rookie Researcher of the Year Award.

Research Interests

My research interests include studying mechanisms that govern soil organic matter dynamics and the biological networks that provide ecosystem services in sustainable agricultural systems. Specifically, it comprises of interpreting soil microbial and biogeochemical processes that regulate nutrient cycling (mainly carbon and nitrogen), soil health, and greenhouse gas emission from climate adaptive agricultural management practices.

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Recent Publications

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  • Arnab Bhowmik, Abolghasem Shahbazi, Harmandeep Sharma (2020). (A Review on the Current State of Knowledge of Growing Conditions, Agronomic Soil Health Practices and Utilities of Hemp in the United States). 10, pp. 129 ). Agriculture.
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