Aggie Student Wellness

As we strive for student wellness, our top priority at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T) is to ensure that students are reaching their full potential. We encourage you to explore the resources that are provided below, which include wellness events and campus resources, to help you embark on your wellness journey!

University-Observed Wellness Events


Monday, April 8th
5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Truist Stadium


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Dimensions of Wellness

The Dimensions of Wellness comprises emotional, spiritualphysical, intellectual, career, financial, social, creative, cultural, and environmental wellness. Achieving wellness is a lifelong process. The resources below are available to assist you with starting your wellness journey.


The capacity to pursue a satisfying profession that includes gratification and self-actualization on multiple levels. Pursue a fulfilling career on a variety of levels.


The capacity to express oneself creatively and appreciate a diverse range of the arts, values and cultural experiences. Appreciate a diverse range of arts, values, cultural experiences, and expressions.


The capacity to learn about diverse cultures, history, and places and understand all aspects of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Respect all aspects of diversity.


The ability to successfully express and manage an entire range of feelings, including anger, doubt, hope and joy, as well as many others. Successfully express and manage an entire range of feelings, including anger, doubt, hope, and joy, as well as many others.


The capacity to appreciate the external cues and stimuli from the environment and create a personal environment that encourages happiness. Appreciate the external cues and stimuli from the environment.


The capacity to fully understand one’s financial state around monetary management through budget and savings development. Fully understand an individual's current financial state.


The capacity to pursue lifelong learning through activities that expand knowledge and skills, and further develop critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and global consciousness. Seek knowledge and activities that further develop critical thinking and global awareness.


The capacity to recognize the need for exercise, adequate rest, and a nutritious diet in addition to creating a balanced lifestyle with healthy intimate relationships. Actively make healthy decisions on a daily basis.


The capacity to create a network of peers, colleagues, faculty, and staff based on reciprocal trust and respect that incorporates being aware of each person’s feelings. Build healthy relationships based on interdependence, trust, and respect.


The capacity to identify a fundamental set of personal beliefs which guide decision-making and integrates faith-founded accomplishments. Identify a core set of personal beliefs which guide decision-making and other faith-based endeavors, while understanding others may have a distinctly different set of guiding principles.

For more information, please contact:

The Alvin V. Blount, Jr. Student Health Center | 336-334-7880 | Email