Ali Karimoddini

Associate Professor

Ali Karimoddini
College of Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Martin Complex 222
Ph.D.National University of Singapore
OtherInstruments and Automation Engineering / Petroleum University of Technology
OtherElectrical Engineering-Electronics / Amirkabir University of Technology


Dr. Karimoddini is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University. His teaching and research interests cover a variety of problems at the intersection of Control, Communication, Computer Science and Life Science. Dr. Karimoddini is the Director of NC-CAV Center of Excellence on Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology and the Autonomous Cooperative Control of Emergent Systems of Systems (ACCESS) Lab and the Deputy Director and research thrust leader of TECHLAV, the DoD Center of Excellence in Autonomy. He has received over $25 million in grants and contracts from federal funding agencies and industrial partners to research development of autonomous vehicles and their applications. He is the recipient of the NC A&T 2015 Rookie of the year and 2019 Interdisciplinary Research Award. He is also a senior member of IEEE, and a member of AIAA, ISA, and AHS.

Research Interests

Control and Robotics; Smart Transportation; Cyber-physical Systems; Reliable and fault-tolerant control systems; Connected Autonomous Vehicles; Human-machine interactions; Multi-agent systems; Infrastructure Inspection; Smart Agriculture; Robotic swarms; Aerial robotics; Self-driving cars; Testing and Evaluation

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Recent Publications

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