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Ali Karimoddini
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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Ph.D.National University of Singapore
OtherInstruments and Automation Engineering / Petroleum University of Technology
OtherElectrical Engineering-Electronics / Amirkabir University of Technology


Dr. Karimoddini is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University. His teaching and research interests cover a variety of problems at the intersection of Control, Communication, and Computer Science. Dr. Karimoddini is the Director of CR2C2 Regional University Transportation Center (UTC), NC-CAV Center of Excellence on Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology and the Autonomous Cooperative Control of Emergent Systems of Systems (ACCESS) Lab. He has received over $55 million in grants and contracts from federal funding agencies and industrial partners as the PI or Co-PI to research the development of autonomous vehicles and their applications. He is the recipient of the NC A&T 2015 Rookie of the year and 2019 and 2021 Interdisciplinary Research Award. He is also a senior member of IEEE.

Research Interests

Smart Transportation; Connected Autonomous Vehicles; Cyber-physical Systems; Control and Robotics; Reliable and fault-tolerant control systems; Human-machine interactions; Multi-agent systems; Infrastructure Inspection; Smart Agriculture; Robotic swarms; Aerial robotics; Self-driving cars; Testing and Evaluation

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Recent Publications

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