Renzun Zhao

Associate Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Engineering

Civil Architect & Environ Engineer

McNair 437-A
Ph.D.Civil Engineering / Virginia Tech University
M.S.Municipal Engineering / Harbin Institute of Technology
B.S.Water Supply and Drainage Engineering / Harbin Institute of Technology


Renzun Zhao is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC). Dr. Zhao earned PhD in Civil Engineering (Environmental and Water Resource) from Virginia Tech in 2012. From 2012 to 2015, he got industrial involvement with Veolia Water, DC Water, etc. From 2015 to 2018, he was a faculty member at Lamar University (Beaumont TX).
The overarching goal of his research is to promote environmental sustainability, by understanding the complex water-energy interrelationship and mitigating the environmental impacts by industrial activities, with emphasis on water/wastewater and solid/hazardous waste.
His research has been sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF), North Carolina DOJ, Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF), Waste Management National Service, Texas Hazardous Waste Research Center (THWRC), etc. His research work has been published in journals, such as Water Research, Chemical Engineering Journal, etc.

Research Interests

Water/Wastewater infrastructure, solid waste management, new emerging contaminants, water-energy nexus, infrastructure resilience, application of machine learning in environmental engineering, etc.

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Recent Publications

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