Sun Yi

Boeing Endowed Professor - Design and Performance

Sun Yi
College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

McNair Hall 604
Ph.D.Mechanical Engineering / University of Michigan
M.S.Mechanical Engineering / University of Michigan
B.S.Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering / Seoul National University

Research Interests

Sun Yi's current research interests include analysis and control of dynamic systems with application to robots, vehicles, and aircraft.

Recent Publications

  • M A Muktadir, Sun Yi, Amy Elliot (2024). (Design of Robot Grippers for Binderjet Products Handling). (5750) 14, Scientific Reports.
  • Jaesu Han, Sun Yi, Sangseok Yu (2024). (Fuzzy Logic-based Control of Cooling Valves for Energy-efficient Hydrogen Vehicles with Evaluation in a WHVC Mode). 60, pp. 927–939. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.
  • Sai Dekkata, Sun Yi, M. Muktadir, Garfo , Selorm (2023). (LiDAR-Based Obstacle Detection and Avoidance for Navigation and Control of an Unmanned Ground Robot Using Model Predictive Control). 7, pp. 27-41. Journal of Mechatronics and Robotics.
  • Devi Chilukuri, Sun Yi, Younho Seong (2022). (A Robust Object Detection System with Occlusion Handling for Mobile Devices). Computational Intelligence .
  • Younho Seong, Emmanuel Dadzie, Sun Yi, Miriam Alabo (2022). (Artificial Intelligence in Non-destructive condition assessment of concrete structure-detecting internal defects and improving prediction performance using prediction integration and data proliferation techniques). In Chang Nam, (Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Research and Applications) Academic Press.
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  • Sai Dekkata, Sun Yi, MA Muktadir, Selorm Garfo, Xingguang Li, Tereda , Amanuel Abrdo (2022). (Improved Model Predictive Control System Design and Implementation for Unmanned Ground Vehicles). 6, pp. 90-105. Journal of Mechatronics and Robotics.
  • MA Muktadir, Sun Yi, Sameer Hamoush, Selorm Garfo, Sai Dekkata, Xingguang Li, Amanuel Tereda, Richard McKee, Kamar Brown, Klawah , Normal (2022). (Uncrewed Ground Vehicles (UGVs) and Nature-Inspired Designed Robot DIGIT and SPOT: A Review). (4) 15, pp. 274-287. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  • Christopher Thomas, Sun Yi, Shava Meadows, Ryan Sherrill (2020). (Adaptive Smith Predictor for Teleoperation of UAVs with Time-varying Internet Delay). (6) 18, pp. 1465--1473. International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems.
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