Geleana Drew Alston

Associate Professor

Geleana Drew Alston
Proctor Hall 133
B.S.Clinical Laboratory Science / East Carolina University
Ph.D.Adult, Professional, and Community Education / Texas State University
M.S.Adult Education / North Carolina A&T State University


Dr. Geleana Alston is an Associate Professor in the Department of Leadership Studies and Adult education at North Carolina A&T State University. Dr. Alston is a proud alumnus of Texas State University (PhD in Adult, Professional, and Community Education), NC A&T (MS in Adult Education) and East Carolina University (BS in Clinical Laboratory Science). She currently serves as Co-chair for the NC A&T Institutional Review Board. In addition, Dr. Alston was awarded the 2015-2016 Rookie Researcher of the Year and the 2016-2017 Outstanding Junior Researcher of the Year for the College of Education, the 2017 Early Career Award by the Commission of Professors of Adult Education, and is one of the 2018 East Carolina University Forty Leaders under Forty.

Research Interests

Dr. Geleana Drew Alston is an emerging scholar whose work focuses on the sociocultural intricacies of women, minorities, and disenfranchised groups as adult learners and adult educators. Specifically, Dr. Alston’s research interests include (1) mentoring and advising graduate adult learners, (2) adult learning methods and professional development in higher education, (3) history of African Americans in adult education, (4) African American adult learners in STEM , and (5) program assessment and evaluation.

Recent Publications

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