Chih Kuan Tung

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Marteena Hall 301
B.S.Physics / National Taiwan University
Ph.D.Physics / Princeton University


Chih-kuan grew up in Taiwan, received his BS from National Taiwan University and PhD from Princeton University, both in physics. He then took up postdoc positions at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Pittsburgh, and Cornell University, before joining A&T faculty in 2006. Since Princeton, his research has focused on using micro/nanofabricated devices for biological applications. At Cornell, Chih-kuan noticed that sperm exhibit interesting emergent behaviors, which became his current research focus. Trained as a physicist, he is interested in the fundamental physics in living systems.

Research Interests

Biological physics, microfluidic in vitro models for biological systems, collective dynamics and phase separation of cells. Soft and active matters. Influence of physical environment on mammalian sperm motility.

Recent Publications

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