College of Science and Technology

Department of Biology

The Department of Biology's vision is to become the premier science department, advancing its students with graduate and professional degrees towards successful careers in the biological sciences. The department's mission is to educate students to become competent, competitive and confident leaders who will excel in the global scientific community.

Undergraduate Studies

There are three tracks through the biology curriculum. Official curriculum guides for undergraduate majors in the biology department are available from the Department of Biology section in the N.C. A&T Undergraduate Bulletin.

Biology - Bachelor of Science

Secondary Education (Biology Education) - Bachelor of Science


Graduate Studies

The Department of Biology offers several options for graduate-level study. Information about these programs, as well as information on how to apply, is on our Department of Biology Graduate Program website

  • Biology, Master of Science
  • Biology, Master of Science – Professional Science Master’s concentration in Industrial Biosciences (PSM Industrial Biosciences)
  • Teaching (Biology Education), Master of Arts

Opportunities and Programs for Students

The biology department promotes numerous programs and activities for students to guide their academic studies and career interests. These include undergraduate research programs, pre-professional and pre-medical programs, and other opportunities routinely posted throughout the year on the departmental mailing list. The department in addition helps to support scholarship funds. Interested students should complete a Departmental Scholarship Application and have two of their science or math teachers each complete a Faculty Appraisal Form.

Department of Biology Address:

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Phone: 336-285-2160
Fax: 336-334-7105
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