James David Schall

Assistant Professor

James David Schall
College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

603 McNair
Ph.D.Materials Science & Engineering / North Carolina State University
M.S.Materials Science & Engineering / North Carolina State University
B.S.Materials Science & Engineering / North Carolina State University

Recent Publications

  • James Schall, Zachary Milne, Robert Carpick, Judith Harrison (2021). (Molecular dynamics examination of sliding history-dependent adhesion in Si-Si nanocontacts: Connecting friction, wear, bond formation, and interfacial adhesion). In Nicholas D. Spencer, 69, pp. 52. Tribology Letters.
  • Steven Thrush, Allen Comfort, James Dusenbury, Yuzan Xiong, Hongwei Qu, Xue Han, James Schall, Gary Barber, Xia Wang (2020). (Stability, Thermal Conductivity, Viscosity, and Tribological Characterization of Zirconia Nanofluids as a Function of Nanoparticle Concentration). 63, pp. 68-76. Tribology Transactions.
  • Zachary Milne, James Schall, Tevis Jacobs, Judith Harrison, Robert Carpick (2019). (Covalent Bonding and Atomic-Level Plasticity Increase Adhesion in Silicon-Diamond Nanocontacts). (11) pp. 40734. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
  • Rui Wang, Bingxu Wang, Gary Barber, Jie Gu, James Schall (2019). (Models for Prediction of Surface Roughness in a Face Milling Process Using Triangular Inserts). (1) 7, LUBRICANTS.
  • Xue Han, Gary Barber, Zhenpu Zhang, Steven Thrush, James Schall, Zhanguo Li, Bingxu Wang (2019). (Tribological performance of oil-based ZnO and diamond nanofluids). (3) 31, pp. 73-84. LUBRICATION SCIENCE.
  • Robert Carpick, Rodrigo Bernal, Polun Chen, James Schall, Judith Harrison, Yeau-Ren Jeng (2018). (Influence of Chemical Bonding on the Variability of Diamond-Like Carbon Nanoscale Adhesion: An In-Situ TEM/Nanoindentation and Molecular Dynamics Study). (S1) 24, pp. 1822--1823. Microscopy and Microanalysis.
  • Bingxu Wang, Minsheng He, Gary Barber, James Schall, Chuanlin Tao, Xichen Sun (2018). (Rolling contact fatigue resistance of austempered ductile iron processed at various austempering holding times). 398, pp. 41-46. WEAR.
  • Chuanlin Tao, Bingxu Wang, Gary Barber, James Schall, Huiqing Lan (2018). (Tribological behaviour of SnO2 nanoparticles as an oil additive on brass). (5) 30, pp. 247-255. LUBRICATION SCIENCE.
  • Yijie Jiang, Judith Harrison, James Schall, Kathleen Ryan, Robert Carpick, Kevin Turner (2017). (Correcting for Tip Geometry Effects in Molecular Simulations of Single-Asperity Contact). (3) 65, TRIBOLOGY LETTERS.
  • Bijoy Paul, Salahaddin Sanusei, Gary Barber, James Schall, Keyu Li, Peng Qu (2017). (Degradation of Polymeric Material used for Osteosynthesis and Comparison of Fracture Toughness between Test and FEA). (4) 4, pp. 788--795. International Journal of Orthopaedics.
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  • Vahid Vahdat, Kathleen Ryan, Pamela Keating, Yijie Jiang, Shashishekar Adiga, James Schall, Kevin Turner, Judith Harrison, Robert Carpick (2014). (Atomic-scale wear of amorphous hydrogenated carbon during intermittent contact: a combined study using experiment, simulation, and theory). (7) 8, pp. 7027--7040. Acs Nano.
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  • James Schall (2014). (Journal Keeping in Engineering Disciplines).
  • Robert Petrach, David Schall, Qian Zou, Gary Barber, Randy Gu, Laila Guessous (2014). (Microstructural Contact Mechanics Finite Element Modeling Used to Study the Effect of Coating Induced Residual Stresses on Bearing Failure Mechanisms). (3) 7, pp. 622--629. SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing.
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