Roberta Claro Da Silva

Assistant Professor

Roberta Claro Da Silva
College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences

Benbow Hall 205B
Ph.D.Food Technology / Universidade De Sao Paulo
M.S.Science and Technology of Foods / Higher Education School of Agriculture of Universidade de Sao Paulo
OtherZootechnist / State University of Sao Paulo


My current research agenda included lipid science and technology, sensory evaluation and physical properties of foods. In particular, my research is focusing on the development alternatives to replace saturated and trans fats to improve the health of food products. I have substantial research experience in the lipid modification field. I spent considerable research time on understanding chemical aspects of human milk fat, and lipid alternatives as ingredients of substitutes for human milk fat. I worked as a researcher on Lipid Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Sciences College at Sao Paulo University for 12 years to pursuing different approaches o

Research Interests

Lipid Modification, Lipid Science, Physicochemical properties of fats

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Recent Publications

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