Core Values of North Carolina A&T State University

Core Values of North Carolina A&T State University
Core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide our actions and serve as the cornerstone for cultural change. This set of values was inspired by the need for simplicity and the goal to establish universal commitment.

Responsibility: We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of performance for the success of our university.
Excellence: We demonstrate high quality and attention to detail in all our endeavors.
Integrity: We uphold high moral character and unwavering ethical behavior.
Inclusiveness: We commit to the diversity and demonstrate inclusiveness as we work together for the advancement of the university and the world.
Learning: We cultivate a culture of intellectual inquiry, personal growth, and achievement.
Collaboration:  We draw upon various talents and perspectives to achieve better results.
Innovation:  We are determined to try new things, to test, and to learn by both failure and success. We are relentlessly curious about the evolving world and how we can do things better.