Kristen Dellinger

Assistant Professor

Kristen Dellinger
Joint School of Nanotechnology

JSNN: Nanoengineering

Joint School Nanoscience and Nanoengineering 106-G
B.S.Chemical Engineering / Queen''s University
M.S.Chemical Engineering / Queen''s University
Ph.D.Biomedical Engineering / McGill University

Recent Publications

  • Kristen Dellinger, Rachel Tinker-Kulberg (2020). (Horseshoe Crab Aquaculture as a Sustainable Endotoxin Testing Source). 7, pp. 153 ). Frontiers in Marine Science.
  • Kristen Bowey-Dellinger (2017). (Introducing Mammalian Cell Culture and Cell Viability Techniques in the Undergraduate Biology Laboratory). (2) 18, ). JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY & BIOLOGY EDUCATION.
  • Kristen Bowey (2014). (2-Dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine-based nanoliposomes as an effective delivery platform for 17 beta-estradiol). (3) 86, pp. 369-375 ). EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS AND BIOPHARMACEUTICS.
  • Tohid Didar (2014). (A Miniaturized Multipurpose Platform for Rapid, Label- Free, and Simultaneous Separation, Patterning, and In Vitro Culture of Primary and Rare Cells). (2) 3, pp. 253-260 ). ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS.
  • Kristen Bowey (2014). (Microwave-assisted synthesis of surface-enhanced Raman scattering nanoprobes for cellular sensing). 122, pp. 617-622 ). COLLOIDS AND SURFACES B-BIOINTERFACES.
  • Kristen Bowey (2013). (Characterization of biologically active insulin-loaded alginate microparticles prepared by spray drying). (3) 39, pp. 457-465 ). DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY.