Binbin Yang

Assistant Professor

Binbin Yang
McNair 536
Ph.D.Electrical Engineering / North Carolina State University
M.S.Electrical Engineering / University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
B.S.Electrical Engineering / Hunan University


Dr. Yang received his PhD degree in electrical engineering from NC State University in 2017. After graduation, he joined Motorola Mobility as a Staff Antenna Engineer, conducting research and development of RF and Antenna systems for mobile devices. His research interests include Antennas, Electromagnetics, RF & Microwave circuits and system, wireless communication and numerical methods.

Research Interests

Electromagnetics, Antennas, RF and Microwave Circuits, Wireless Communication, Numerical Methods

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Recent Publications

  • Juncheng Zhou, Binbin Yang (2019). (A Shape-First, Feed-Next Design Approach for Compact Planar MIMO Antennas). 77, pp. 157-165 ). PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH M.
  • Kurt Schab, Binbin Yang (2018). (Lower Bounds on Substructure Antenna Q-Factor). (7) 66, pp. 3278-3285 ). IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION.
  • Jacob Adams, Binbin Yang (2016). (Systematic Shape Optimization of Symmetric MIMO Antennas Using Characteristic Modes). (7) 64, pp. 2668-2678 ). IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION.
  • Jacob Adams, Binbin Yang (2016). (Computing and Visualizing the Input Parameters of Arbitrary Planar Antennas via Eigenfunctions). (7) 64, pp. 2707-2718 ). IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION.
  • Fengman Liu, Binbin Yang (2014). (A Surface Mounting Embedded Optical Transceiver with Bi-Directional Data Rate of Eight Channels x 10 Gbps). (1-2) 33, pp. 17-25 ). FIBER AND INTEGRATED OPTICS.