N.C. A&T Transportation Institute Recognizes ASETTS Scholars

By East L Dockery / 10/10/2023 College of Business and Economics, Transportation and Supply Chain

EAST GREENSBORO, N.C. (Oct. 10, 2023) – North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University’s Transportation Institute has recognized its most recent Advancing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Education Through Transportation Studies (ASETTS) scholars.

ASETTS is a digital badge program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to enable undergraduate students to increase their STEM skills through mentorship programs, experiential learning activities, research opportunities, scholarships, and more.

“Students at N.C. A&T frequently face time constraints and the challenge of balancing numerous responsibilities, which can limit their engagement in the wide array of on-campus events and activities,” said Venktesh Pandey, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering. “Simultaneously, there is a growing demand for students to showcase a diverse skill set beyond technical knowledge in the fiercely competitive job market post-graduation.

“Through this program, we are enabling students to participate in activities that incrementally accumulate towards a competency and a digital badge in the transportation field and enhance the career preparedness of our undergraduate students in the transportation sector.”

Students can earn badges in Research, Leadership, Community, Awareness & Engagement, Ride with Aggie Pride, and Core Skills through ASETTS.

The badges are awarded based on a point structure, with most requiring at least 100 points. Students receive points by completing activities such as attending professional development events, participating in research, completing summer internships and more. Each activity varies by badge, but all contribute to the scholar’s overall growth.

The most recent ASETTS scholars received Core Skills, Research, and Ride with Aggie Pride badges.

To receive a Core Skills badge, students are required to complete the transportation-related core courses that are part of the civil engineering or supply chain management curriculums, participate in internship or co-op experience related to transportation topics, or participate in a skill-training workshop on transportation software or related topics.

Core Skills badge recipients are:

  • Bavly Abdelmalak, senior, civil engineering
  • Noah Barber, junior, supply chain management
  • Arie Bethea, junior, supply chain management
  • Exodus Bryant, senior, supply chain management
  • Jalin Connor, senior, civil engineering
  • Brandon Daye, senior, supply chain management
  • Isaiah Dunlap, junior, supply chain management
  • Miles Durant, junior, supply chain management
  • Claudia Duverglass, senior, supply chain management
  • Tiamok Hall, senior, supply chain management
  • Marvin Johnson, senior, civil engineering
  • Stephen Nyarko, senior, civil engineering and mathematics
  • Anusha Neupane, senior, civil engineering
  • Mackenzie Nicolas, senior, supply chain management
  • Timothy Ptak ‘23, civil engineering
  • Jariah Putney, senior, civil engineering
  • Justin Rutz, senior, civil engineering
  • Elah Spence, junior, civil engineering
  • Corey Williams, senior, civil engineering
  • Jaylin Roberts, senior, civil engineering
  • Quentin Robinson, senior, civil engineering
  • Samaiah Sivills, senior, civil engineering
  • Jacob Smith, senior, civil engineering
  • Josette Stewart ‘23, supply chain management
  • Robert Wallace, junior, supply chain management

To receive a Research badge, scholars are required to engage in a transportation-related project with an A&T faculty member, participate in an undergraduate research symposium, or submit a research paper or abstract for a research paper. This badge is designed to encourage scholars to begin research early.

The Research badge recipient is Anusha Neupane, a senior studying civil engineering .

“The research is really where you learn because you have to take the lead role,” said Maranda McBride, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and ASETTS program leader. “The students’ mentors are there to guide and provide them with advice, but research is really where they get to add their specific personal interests.”

The Ride with Aggie Pride badge is designed to introduce students to the badge program by encouraging them to jumpstart their professional careers by attending the career fair, activating a Handshake account, or participating in an interview prep workshop.

The Ride with Aggie Pride badge recipient is Joshua Edwards, a sophomore studying supply chain management.

The goal of the ASETTS program is to connect students to researchers, professionals and alumni from STEM-related fields who are working in transportation careers, as well as to give students extra credentials to increase their marketability and secure employment after graduation.

As the program continues to develop, program leaders will continue to aid the future of transportation by supporting the undergraduate students who are interested in it.

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