‘Chance the Rapper’ Talks Voting, Responsibility and More at Chancellor’s Speaker Series

By Tonya Dixon / 10/18/2020

Chance The Rapper

EAST GREENSBORO, N.C. (Oct. 28, 2020) – North Carolina Agricultural Technical State University hosted indie recording artist and activist, Chance the Rapper, Oct. 28, for the fall Chancellor’s Speaker Series – The Power of Your Vote. 

The conversation began with discussion of the history of voting and the 15th Amendment. Student government association president, Brenda Caldwell provided the first question, referring to the hard-fought rights of African Americans and women to vote in the United States. She introduced the notion of the severity of the upcoming election and what it means in relation to the “Power of Your Vote.” 

As the conversation progressed, various students had the opportunity to directly address Chance regarding issues relating to policing in the black community, being an advocate for change, voter suppression, the importance of having a voting plan and compelling others to exercise their vote, too. 

Not only a Grammy award-winning artist, but changemaker and civic engagement enthusiast, Chance the Rapper does significant community service work through his nonprofit, SocialWorks, and inspires generations young and old through arts and education. He’s particularly vocal and action-oriented in his native Chicago. 

N.C. A&T will continue having vital and thought-provoking conversations through the Chancellor’s Speaker Series, providing a platform for genuine and stimulating conversations on matters of importance. It provides an opportunity to facilitate elements of the university’s strategic plan to elevate and expand public service and community engagement, creating a premier educational experience that addresses global needs.

Media Contact Information: tddixon@ncat.edu