Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics

Research Projects

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Automated Last Mile Connectivity for Vulnerable Road Users

Public Dialysis Transport Efficiency Using Digital Media


Development, Design, and Calibration of the Vulnerable Road User Mobility Assistance Platform (VRU-MAP)


Multi-scale models for transportation systems under emergency conditions


Asymmetric Information Sharing in Dialysis Paratransit Using an Agency Approach


Analysis of the Non-Driving Mobility Needs of People with Disabilities


Travelers' Rationality in Online Anticipatory Emergency Response Model

Assessing Pedestrians' Perceptions and Willingness to Interact with Autonomous Vehicles
Particle Dynamics Model for Hurricane Evacuation and Fuel Shortage: Model Based Policy Analysis
Multiscale Model for Hurricane Evacuation and Fuel Shortage
Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning-based Pedestrian Dynamics Models for Emergency Evacuation
Dynamic Routing Of uNmanned-aerial and Emergency Team Incident Management
VRU-Personalized, Optimum, and Dynamic (POD) Routing
Real-Time Recommendations for Traffic Control in an Intelligent Transportation System during an Emergency Evacuation
Real-Time Recommendations for Traffic Control in an Intelligent Transportation System During an Emergency Evacuation - Part 2   

Vulnerable Road Users Transit Optimization with Healthcare Privatization (VRUTOP)

Epidemiological Models for Transportation Applications: Secondary Crashes 
Acoustic Situation Awareness and Its Effects on Pedestrian Safety within a Virtual Environment 
Evaluation of Web-Based Driving Feedback for Teens and their Parents
Detecting Early-Stage Dementia Using Naturalistic Driving
Multi-scale and Collaborative Disaster Evacuation Planning Framework

Discrete Dynamics and Epidemiological Multi-Physics Models for Transportation Applications

Mask-Wearing Behaviors in Air Travel During Coronavirus Pandemic – An Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Model

Connected Electric Vehicles: Vehicle-Pedestrian Communications to Enhance Vision Impaired Pedestrian Safety

Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Optimization of Mobility in Dynamic Airspace Configurations During Emergency Situations

Usability of Urban Air Mobility: Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments of Usage in Emergency Situations

Modeling Future Outbreaks of COVID-19 Using Traffic as Leading Indicator

Analyzing the Role of Air‐Transportation in COVID‐19 Pandemic Disaster


Equitable Dynamic Pricing for Express Lanes


Improving Air Mobility in Emergency Situations


High-speed rail in the US – The intention to use and mode choice behavior


Rural Older Adult Driver Tailored Research Integrated Plan (ROAD TRIP)

ROAD TRIP 2.0 – Transforming the Mobility Landscape for Aging America


Real-time Deep Reinforcement Learning for Evacuation Under Emergencies


Acceptance and Adoption of Shared Autonomous
Shuttles for Vulnerable Road Users: A Readiness Study


High-Speed Rail in the US: The Intention to Use and Mode
Choice Behavior - Additional Funding Opportunity


First Responder Transportation Safety Conference


Pedestrian Auditory Situational Awareness:
Tesseract Crosswalk Module


Evaluation of Web-Based Driving Feedback for Teens and Their Parents


Data Curation and Technology Transfer for Recent
ERAU-CATM Projects


A Multiobjective Reinforcement Learning Framework for Equitable Toll Design for Express Lanes