Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics

Evaluation of Web-Based Driving Feedback for Teens and their Parents


Teen drivers are some of the most vulnerable of all road users. In this study, 40 teen drivers will participate in a one-month driving study that will yield comprehensive data on several driving performance measures. This data will provide the basis for driving feedback that will be provided to teens and their parents throughout the study. This feedback will be available on a website provided by the research team. Two versions of driving feedback for teens and their parents will be evaluated along several dimensions. The effectiveness of each type of driving feedback will be measured by examining teen driver safety (e.g., kinematic risky driving events, speeding, etc.). The usability and acceptability of this feedback will also be measured by analyzing the number of website logins and the duration of time spent on the website. Parent and teen focus groups and/or interviews will also be conducted to obtain qualitative data on user preferences and acceptability.

CATM Research Affiliate:
Charlie Klauer (VTTI: Lead)