Faculty and Staff

Faculty Administrator

Dr. Eric M. Gladney
Assistant Dean and MBA Director


Ms. Cheryl Porter
Administrative Support Associate
312-G Craig Hall
1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411
(336) 285-3292


Dr. Haywood Andres
Associate Professor of Management 

Dr. Adelle Bish
Associate Professor of Management

Dr. Mark L. Burkey
Professor of Economics

Dr. Rhonda Hensley
Associate Professor of Statistics/ Management Science

Dr. Lyubov Kurkalova
Professor of Economics

Dr. Laquanda Leaven Johnson
Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

Dr. Charles Malone
Associate Professor of Accounting

Dr. Shona Morgan
Associate Professor of Operations/Supply Chain Management

Dr. Kofi Obeng
Professor of Transportation Supply Chain Management

Dr. Collins Okafor
Assistant Professor of Finance

Dr. Lisa A. Owens-Jackson
Chair, Department of Accounting and Finance and Associate Professor of Accounting

Dr. Brandis Phillips
Associate Professor of Accounting

Dr. Isaiah Ugboro
Professor of Organization Theory/Strategic Management

Dr. Hong Wang
Professor of Management 

Dr. Omar Woodham
Associate Professor of Marketing