Brandis Phillips

Associate Professor

Brandis Phillips
College of Business & Economics

Accounting and Finance

Merrick Hall 229
B.A.Accounting / Michigan State University
MBABusiness Administration / University of Iowa
Ph.D.Business Information Systems / Michigan State University


Dr. Brandis Phillips is an associate professor of accounting at North Carolina A & T State University. His primary areas of research are technology addiction, digital literacy and psychological factors affecting students’ attitude toward quantitative careers. He has published his work in Information & Management, Journal of Organizational and End User Computing, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce. He has also presented his work at the Academy of Management, Americas Conference on Information Systems and the Decision Sciences Institute. He also works with MBA students as a case c

Research Interests

User Acceptance of Technology Information Systems Controls Digital Literacy Stereotype Threat Mindset Orientation of Minority Students Technology Addiction

Recent Publications

  • Lemuria Carter, Maranda McBride, Brandis Phillips (2020). (Integrating the theory of planned behavior and behavioral attitudes to explore texting among young drivers in the US). 50, pp. 365-374 ). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
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  • Brandis Phillips (2013). (Information technology practice: Impacts on effectiveness, forthcoming Journal of Organizational and End User Computing). (4) 25, pp. 49 - 73 ). Journal of Organizational and End User Computing.
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