Laquanda Leaven Johnson

Associate Professor

Laquanda Leaven Johnson
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College of Business & Economics

Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Merrick Hall 119
Ph.D.Industrial and Systems Engineering / North Carolina A&T State University
M.S.Industrial and Systems Engineering / North Carolina A&T State University
B.S.Industrial and Operations Engineering / University of Michigan


Dr. Johnson does research in the healthcare and service supply chain areas through applying optimization and statistical models to enhance productivity and system effectiveness. Dr. Johnson has a BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Supply Chain Management and Operations Research from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and North Carolina A&T State University. Dr. Johnson also received an MBA from NC State University. Dr. Johnson is a member of the Decision Sciences Institute and has served as the Vice-President of Student Research for the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute.

Research Interests

Supply Chain and Decision Sciences Pedagogical Enhancements through Big Data Integration

Healthcare System and Service Supply Chain Optimization Using Mathematical and Statistical Models

Exploring Strategies to Increase Transportation Access to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Establishing Drone Training Initiatives

Recent Publications

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