Registration Holds

The University can disallow you to register for the next term's classes for a variety of reasons - e.g., failure to pay fees or to comply with a university requirement. The process of disallowing you to register for classes is called "a hold." The specific department responsible for monitoring compliance with the policies it enforces determines whether a hold is appropriate. A student may, therefore, have holds placed by multiple departments if he/she is non-compliant in more than one area. Fortunately, holds can be removed quickly once you have documented that you are in compliance.

SHC is responsible for monitoring student compliance with health policies. If you fail to provide SHC with a completed medical history form and/or documentation of required immunizations before the designated pre-registration period for the next term's classes, SHC will enter a code into the Banner System that will prevent you from registering. Should this happen to you, call Medical Records Department at 336-334-7880, or come directly to SHC to find out why we have placed the hold and what you must do to have it removed.