Eligibility of Patients for Services

Enrolled students and active staff are eligible for healthcare services. Services are provided by appointment and to walk-ins. 

  1. The student must present a current University Identification Card (I.D.) with a photo.
  2. The student must be presently enrolled in classes.
  3. The receptionist may check the computer data for verification.
  4. Undergraduates may be seen with appropriate I.D., whether living on campus or off campus and an unlimited number of hours.
  5. Review the class validation schedule if needed.

Summer Session:

Students with BCBS Student Blue insurance enrolled during the previous Spring semester are eligible for student health services during the summer session until July 31st of that year. 

All Students enrolled in the summer session are eligible to receive student health services.

Post Graduation:

Students who are no longer enrolled in classes at NC A&T SU but need a follow-up visit will be allowed a grace period of three months post-graduation. After the grace period, students will be referred to an outside healthcare provider.