Grievance Policy for Students


It is the policy of the Student Health Center to encourage students to express any concerns relating to the quality of care provided, quality of service delivered or any other concerns. The Student Health Center respects the right of patients to have their complaints addressed. Any student with a concern may file a complaint or grievance and should expect a response to the complaint.


To ensure that student grievances regarding services at the Student Health Center will be reviewed by the appropriate staff to rectify problems and to improve and enhance the quality of care and services provided. Grievances may be initiated orally (in person or by telephone) or in writing.


A. In Person Grievance

The student will be directed to the appropriate supervisor. The supervisor will discuss the grievance and complete the Patient Grievance form. If the information provided and the discussion provided does not alleviate the students’ concern, the complaint will be documented and forwarded to the Executive Director.

B. Written Grievance

  1. A patient may initiate a complaint via grievance form and may request a grievance form by contacting the N.C. A&T Student Health Center Front Desk or print the form from the website.
  2. The written grievance will be directed to the appropriate supervisor. The supervisor will contact the patient and discuss the grievance. The discussion is documented in the grievance form.
  3. If the information provided and the discussion between the patient and the supervisor alleviates the concern, the grievance process is fully documented and will end.
  4. If the information and discussion provided does not alleviate the student’s concern, the supervisor will forward the grievance form and information to the Executive Director for resolution.
  5. The patient is notified of the resolution and informed of his/her right to appeal.

Complaints resulting in an escalated investigation are documented and reported to the complainant in the same manner as other complaints. If the complaint involves sub-standard medical treatment, it is reported directly to the Executive Director.

Unresolved patient complaints concerning privacy issues or unauthorized disclosure of protected health information shall be addressed through the HIPAA complaint documentation and reporting guidelines.

The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and University Counsel are informed of any patient complaints involving the possibility of litigation.