It is a University requirement that all students living in the residence halls eat in the cafeteria. Students who live off campus may purchase meals also.

In the event a student does not wish to eat in the cafeteria he/she must meet the requirements for a meal waiver consideration.

Meal waivers will not be granted after the census date, which is ten (10) days after the beginning of registration. Individual consideration will be made after the beginning of registration.


  1. Examination and recommendation for a meal waiver by an internist or gastroenterologist.
  2. Written diagnosis and a copy of the prescribed medication.
  3. Copy of recommended diet on physician’s letterhead signed by the physician personally. This will allow us the opportunity to contact the physician. If a special diet is necessary, a detailed description of the diet would be helpful.
  4. The diet will be presented to the cafeteria to determine if the cafeteria can prepare it.
  5. If Food Service can prepare the prescribed diet, the meal waiver will not be recommended.
  6. If Food Service cannot prepare a prescribed diet, a meal waiver will be recommended.
  7. The University Physician will send a letter of recommendation and consultation request to Food Services.
  8. When the process is completed, return a copy to the Alvin V Blount Jr. Student Health Center to be placed in your Medical Records.

If you have any questions about any of the policies and guidelines at the Alvin V Blount Jr. Student Health Center, please contact us at 336-334-7880.