College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Course Descriptions

ENGL 600- Language Variations in American English 
This course is a survey of regional and social dialects in the United States and a study of their interrelationship; examples of some of the motivations for dialectical divergences, especially in the instance of non-standard dialects; and a consideration of functional varieties and social dialect shifting. Prerequisite: English 310 or graduate standing. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 602- Advanced Methods for Teaching English in Secondary School
This course prepares students to become effective teachers of secondary English/Language Arts. Students will explore the materials and methods of teaching English, especially as related to the successful implementation of instruction based on the Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts. Prerequisite: EDPR 520. (F;S) 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 603 - Introduction to Folklore
This course is a basic introduction to the study and appreciation of folklore. (Cross-listed as Anthropology 603 (summer/alternate years) 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 627 - High School Literature
This course acquaints prospective and in-service teachers with a wide variety of literature taught in the high schools of North Carolina. Students will survey texts in a variety of genres, select texts appropriate for high school programs, examine themes found in the literature, and investigate strategies for encouraging student reading. Prerequisite: None. (F;S;SS) 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 653 - Teaching English as a Second Language
This course introduces prospective secondary and college teachers of students learning English as a second and/or a foreign language to various pedagogical approaches. The course will explore theories and practices aimed at second language acquisition involving reading and writing. (F;S;SS) 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 654 - African American Novel I
This course is an intensive bibliographical, critical, and interpretative study of novels by major African American writers through 1040, Novelists emphasized include Dunbar, Chestnutt, Toomer, McKay, Larsen, Hurston, Griggs, Fauset, and Wright. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 656 - African American Novel II
This course is an intensive bibliographical, critical, and interpretative study of novels by major Africa American writers after 1040. Novelists emphasized include Wright, Ellison, Baldwin, Himes, Demby, Williams, Walker, Brooks, Petry, Gaines, and Mayfield. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 658 - African American Poetry I
This course is an intensive study of African American poetry from its beginning to 1940, with special attention given to poets of the Harlem Renaissance. Poets to be studied include Terry, Hammon, Wheatley, A. A.Whitman, Horton, Braithwaite, J.W. Johnson, Horne, Fenton Johnson, George Douglas Johnson, McKay, Cullen, Cuney, and Hughes. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 660 - African American Poetry II
This course is an intensive story of African American poetry from 1940 to the present with considerable attention given to the revolutionary poets of the sixties and seventies. Poets to be studied include Hughes, Walker, F.M. Davis, Brooks, Brown, Hayden, Tolson, Lee, Reed, Giovanni, Angelou, Jeffers, Sanchez, Redmand, Fabio, Fields, and Baraka. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 672 - Directed Study in English 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 700 - Introduction to Critical Theory
This course outlines and critiques major movements in contemporary literary theory, including, for example, Marxism, feminism, and various poststructuralisms. Prerequisites: Graduate. (S) 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 712 - Teaching of Freshman Writing
This course is required of all English graduate teaching assistants (GTAs), and is designed solely to provide an academic setting for the theoretical and practical components of teaching English 100. GTAs will discuss and implement writing assignments, exercises in literature and grammar, and the methods of leading class discussion. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 721 - Major American Writers I
This course is an intensive bibliographical, critical, and interpretive study of works by major American writers through 1900. Writers to be discussed will vary, and will include Emerson, Fuller, Thoreau, Melville, Dickinson, and James, among several others. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 722 - Major American Writers II
This course is an intensive bibliographical, critical, and interpretive study of works by major American writers from 1900 to the present. Writers to be discussed will vary, and will include Stein, Eliot, Hemingway, Faulkner, Toomer, Hurston, Frost, Oates, and Morrison, among several others. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 724 - American Multi-Cultural Literature
This course will examine the critical and historical perspectives of selected works by Native American, Asian American, and Hispanic (including American Chicano, Latino, and Puerto Rican) authors. Writers to be studied include Black Elk, Paula Gunn Allen, Joy Harjo, Louise Erdirich, N. Scott Momaday, Simon Ortiz, Leslie Marmon Silko, James Welch, Maxine Hong Kingston, Frank Chin, Amy Tan, Jose Garcia Villa, Rudolfo Anaya, Pat Victor Cruz Hernandez, and Sandra Cisneros. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 744 - Postcolonial Novel and Theory
This course examines postcolonial theory and its application to both postcolonial (including the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Balkans, the former republics of the Soviet Union, India, Asia, and Oceania) novels and contemporary society, whether local, national, or global. Prerequisites NONE. (F;S;SS) 3.000 Credit hours ENGL 753 - Bibliography & Research

ENGL 755 - Contemporary Practices in Grammar & Rhetoric
This course is designed to provide secondary teachers of English with experience in linguistics applied to modern grammar and composition. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 762 - Short Fiction African-American Writers
This course is an intensive examination of short fiction by African American writers. Among those included are Chesnutt, Dunbar, Toomer, Hurston, McKay, Hughes, Bontemps, Wright, Clarke, Ellison, Fair, Allice Walker, Ron Milner, Julia Fields, Jean W. Smith, Petry, Baldwin, Kelley, and Baraka. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 764 - African-American Aesthetics
This course defines those qualities of African American literature that distinguish it from traditional American literature through an analysis of theme, form and technique as they appear in a representative sample of works by African-American writers. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 789 - Seminar in African-American Literature Language
This is a topics course that will vary; focus will be on prominent themes and/or subjects treated by African American writers from the beginning to the present. An attempt will be made to characterize systematically the idiom (modes of expression, style) of African American writers. Prerequisites: Graduate. Demand. 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 790 - Independent Study
This course provides an opportunity for students to pursue in-depth study in literary criticism, literature, liguistics, or writing. Also, work done in this course may serve as groundwork for students pursuing the thesis option, developing a portfolio, or acquiring practicum experience. Repeatable once upon approval of departmental chair and/or coordinator of graduate studies in English. Prerequisite: approval of and prior consultation with instructor. (F;S;SS) 3.000 Credit hours

ENGL 797 - Thesis Research
Note: May be repeated for credit. 6.000 Credit hours

ENGL 799 - Continuation of Thesis
Note: May be repeated for credit. 1.000 Credit hours