Deans Council

Beryl McEwen, Ph.D. 

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 
315 Dowdy Building, 3rd Floor 
(336) 334-7965

Mohamed Ahmedna, Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences 
111 Webb Hall 
(336) 334-7979

Frances Ward-Johnson, Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Arts Humanities, and Social Sciences 
A-411, General Classroom Building 
(336) 334-7806

Kevin L. James, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Business and Economics 
401 Craig Hall 
(336) 334-7632

Paula G. Price, Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Education 
380 Proctor Hall 
(336) 285-4375 

Robin Coger, Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Engineering 
651 McNair Hall 
(336) 285-2640

Lenora Campbell, Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences 
100 Bluford Library 
(336) 285-3508

Abdellah Ahmidouch, Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Science and Technology
2004 Smith Hall 
(336) 285-2105

Sherine O. Obare, Ph.D. 

Dean, Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering 
2907 East Gateway Blvd., Office 204E 
Greensboro, NC 27401 
(336) 217-5172

Vicki Coleman, MLIS 

Dean, Library Services 
Suite 152, Office 149 FD Bluford Library 
(336) 334-7782

Clay S. Gloster Jr., Ph.D. 

Dean Interim, The Graduate College 
120 Gibbs Hall 
(336) 285-2366