Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University is a signature program that offers experience and dedication to the development of faculty teaching and student learning through peer support.

The Faculty Fellows consist of faculty members representing all ranks and colleges at N.C. A&T. Our goal is to offer support through peer mentoring and program development in each College. Faculty Fellows provide the experience, creativity and credibility necessary to promote excellence in teaching and learning at NC A&T.

Faculty apply for and are selected for these positions based on expertise, record of excellent teaching and recommendation(s) from their respective colleges. Opportunities for up to eight Faculty Fellows exist at A&T. Fellows are appointed annually for terms of up to three years. Fellows agree to offer support through individual and small group learning teams in their respective colleges. They also develop a campus-wide project or workshop each year as part of their commitment to the CTE.

For more information on how to apply to be a Faculty Fellow, contact Dr. Audrey Dentith at amdentith@ncat.edu