Professional Development Day
Sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Leadership (CLOE), the CTE offers themed workshops on teaching, assessment and assessment methods every August to set the tone for a productive and purposeful academic year. 

Spring into Teaching Excellence: A Day of Faculty Empowerment
An invigorating day just at the start of the Spring semester dedicated to empowering faculty members to approach the upcoming semester with clarity, purpose, and confidence.

This event offers a unique opportunity for faculty to reflect on their teaching practices, set meaningful goals, and cultivate new strategies for fostering stronger connections with students and increasing student learning. Beginning with a keynote speech by an acclaimed author, followed by interactive workshops, engaging discussions, and collaborative activities, faculty participants explore innovative teaching techniques, discover new ways to enhance student engagement, and develop strategies for creating inclusive learning environments.

For seasoned educators or those new to the teaching profession, "Spring into Teaching Excellence" provides the tools, inspiration, and support needed for faculty to thrive and make a lasting impact on students' academic journey.

The 3R (Rejoice, Reflect & Renew) Event
Each Spring since 2023, just after grades are submitted, the CTE in collaboration with ITTD (Instructional Technology Training and Development) offer an opportunity for faculty to Rejoice, Reflect and Renew. A nationally recognized speaker and acclaimed speaker/author will set the tone for a day of reflection and celebration. The Keynote is followed by themed workshops and faculty appreciation all in celebration of the dedication and accomplishments of faculty.