Aggie Men Summer of Success

Aggie M.E.N. Summer of Success (AMS) is a challenging and rewarding pre-college summer bridge program that will occur during (June 27-August 2nd 2024). In an effort to become acclimated to the university and have a successful freshmen year, this residential program will provide a transitional experience in preparation of the fall semester.  While in this program, participants will achieve early successes, generate credit hours, and have an advantage in becoming acclimated to the campus environment in advance of the rest of the freshman class. This program is designed to equip students with the skills needed to have a successful academic career at A&T.

Target Population

First year male students entering the University who are North Carolina residents.

Program participants will: 

  • Be housed in the Pride Hall residential community.
  • Take 2 required general education courses (English 100 and African American History) earning 6 credit hours.
  • Receive one-on-one tutoring with a Certified Learning Specialist.
  • Attend a series of Math Enhancement Workshops to prepare for their first collegiate math course.
  • Attend a series of Male Empowerment workshops for personal and professional development that offer networking opportunities.
  • Be involved in various social activities that promote relationship building and a sense of belonging.
  • Network with NC A&T Faculty, Staff, and Alumni.
  • Be admitted into the Aggie M.E.N. Mentoring Program for their freshman year.


    Application will close on June 1st. To apply select the link below. 

    Program Director: Antja Dionne Caldwell,, 336-285-4097

    Housing LLC Contact: Claudette Drake,, 336-285-4950