Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging

North Carolina A&T is committed to expanding diversity and enhancing inclusion by promoting and cultivating a rich exchange of ideas and broad cultural awareness. As an inclusive environment, students, faculty and staff can embrace a culture of mutual respect that promotes cross-cultural understanding. N.C. A&T recognizes, respects and accepts each diverse individual and fosters their unique abilities through learning, research, scholarship and support.

One of the A&T's major goals is to embrace diversity and achieve a more inclusive community. A&T also embraces the core value of inclusiveness. The university's commitment is outlined in Goal 5 of the strategic plan, A&T Preeminence: Taking the Momentum to 2023: 

Foster a more diverse and inclusive campus community by promoting cultural awareness, collegiality, and by cultivating respect for diverse people and cultures.



“Diversity” means the ways in which individuals vary, including, but not limited to, backgrounds, personal characteristics, identities, ideas, beliefs, cultures and traditions that distinguish one individual or group from another, which may include but are not limited to federal, state, university and constituent institution protected classes. 

“Inclusion” reflects a community that appreciates and values individual differences; promotes campus-wide and global initiatives; and cultivates a culture of mutual respect and understanding.  



D&I Mission Statement:

Through its diversity and inclusion efforts, the university promotes understanding, appreciation, respect and values that embrace diversity and inclusivity on campus and in the broader community. 

D&I Vision Statement:

The university culture will be characterized by acceptance, fairness, access and equity, ensuring a respectful, safe and welcoming environment for all.

Contact Information:

Del L. Ruff
Executive Diversity and Inclusion Officer
1020 E. Wendover Avenue, Suite 109
Greensboro, NC 27405