OARS Testing

A&T Online

North Carolina A&T State University is committed to providing opportunities for higher education to students with disabilities and to making the online programs, activities and facilities at the university accessible to students with disabilities.

As with all university programs, distance education requires effective accommodations to ensure student accessibility. For timely accommodations in online learning, students must be registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources to be approved for accommodations.

Distance Education

Distance education courses may or may not warrant the same accommodations as traditionally taught courses.

  • Online testing may not be given automatically and can include fees for online proctors
  • Students must initiate communication with the professor to discuss how the online testing process will occur
  • Communication should happen as early as possible and at least two weeks before the posted exam syllabus dates 
  • Students should verify with the professor the continued use of any online testing accommodations

Please Note:
 An online OARS Blackboard learning management system organization (/orgs/ORG-DEEL.001) has been created to provides 24/7 access to OARS information and forms.


A&T on Campus 

The Accommodation Request Form must be completed prior to receiving test proctoring services. It is recommended that testing with the accommodation of extended time and/or distraction-reduced environment be arranged and administered by the faculty within their department at N.C. A&T.

If other accommodations are needed for testing, such as a reader, scribe or adaptive technology, or if faculty members are unable to accommodate students with approved accommodations, please adhere to the testing procedures listed below. The Office of Accessibility Resources offers test proctoring services for students registered with our office once the Accommodation Request Form is completed and returned.



The Test Proctor Exam Form is available online and at the Office of Accessibility Resources. It must be completed and emailed to oarproctor@ncat.edu or hand-delivered to the Office of Accessibility Resources before exams are proctored.


Student Responsibilities

  • To meet with the professor and complete the Test Proctoring Exam Form
  • To contact the OARS at least two days in advance to schedule the noted exam provided in the syllabus via professor during the fall and spring semester. As for summer, it will be two days in advance.
  • To report to the Office of Accessibility Resources on time and with materials permitted for testing.


Faculty Responsibilities

  • To provide the Office of Accessibility Resources with a copy of the Proctoring Exam Form and quiz/exam by noon the day before the scheduled proctored quiz/exam.
  • If you are administering a short notice exam or a pop-up quiz without notifying the student or the OARS beforehand, you will be responsible to provide the reasonable accommodation. Please refer back to the Disability Verification Form to identify what is needed. Some examples may include distracted reduced setting (separate from the classroom setting), extended time, etc.


Please note: Staff may not be in the room with the student the entire testing period. Instead, staff members will check-in with students at periodic intervals.


Additional Information

  • The Office of Accessibility Resources attempts to schedule all proctored tests as close to the class time as possible, however, if another class meets during the time of testing, the test will need to be rescheduled.
  • All proctoring dates/times must be scheduled during business hours with the exception of midterms and final exams.
  • The Office of Accessibility Resources will give the student the test provided by the professor, but not testing materials. The student is required to bring any additional testing materials.
  • When testing, the student will only take permitted materials into the testing room. Items not allowed include cell phones, book bags, purses, etc. The Office of Accessibility Resources will store these items but will not be held responsible.
  • The professor must approve any cancellations or changes.