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Accessible Information Management (AIM) is an online platform for students and instructors. Instructors use the AIM platform to manage accommodation requests and to submit proctoring information and exam materials. AIM allows instructors to set rules (via Alternative Testing Agreement) for courses.

Please note: The Testing Agreement replaces the Exam Proctor sheet on paper. 

Instructor Login

 Log in to AIM using your NCAT Credentials



  1. Student requests accommodations for a course using the AIM portal. AIM automatically generates an email to the instructor with the Letter of Accommodation (LOA) attached. If exam accommodations were requested and no Testing Agreement is on file, a link to the Testing Agreement is included. Instructors cannot fill out a Testing Agreement (or copy a Testing Agreement from one class to another) until a student has requested accommodations for that course.
  2. Student submits their specific exam scheduling requests in AIM.
  3. The Office of Accessibility Resources (OARS) staff will cross-reference student exam requests with Testing Agreements. Student receives a confirmation email when a request is approved/denied. If no Testing Agreement is on file, OARS follows up with the instructor.
  4. OARS sends reminder emails to instructors to submit materials for an upcoming exam. Materials uploaded to AIM can be assigned to a specific student or to an entire section.

 An online OARS Blackboard learning management system organization (/orgs/ORG-DEEL.001) has been created to provides 24/7 access to OARS information on AIM for students, faculty and staff.


Additional Information

  1.  The proctoring of exams is not different from current methods
  2. Students will continue to report to our office to take exams and show ID, and we will use your preferred method of contact to deliver exams back to the department/instructor
    • Instructor/designee pick-up from OARS
    • Scan/email, hold paper copy for instructor/designee pick-up at OARS
    • Uploaded for instructor access, shred paper copy