OARS Services

To be eligible for services the student must self-identify with the Office of Accessibility Resources and submit the required forms along with current documentation to the Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources.

To initiate services the student will complete the intake forms and disclose any information regarding his/her disability that he/she elects to share.

Once the intake forms are completed and the student submits all required documentation, the director of the Office of Accessibility Resources will review the documentation to verify compliance. If additional information is required, the student and/or diagnostic professional will be contacted.

If the documentation substantiates the need for accommodations, the student will be provided with reasonable accommodations. During this process, the coordinator will meet with the student to complete the following:

  • Review submitted documentation
  • Discuss any questions or concerns
  • Prepare appropriate forms to provide reasonable accommodations
  • Provide guidance for utilizing services

Please note: All services offered through the Office of Accessibility Resources can take up to two weeks to complete. Specialized services may take longer to process. Please contact our office as early as possible, so we can accommodate you in a timely manner.