Center of Excellence for Integrative Health Disparities and Equity Research

The Center of Excellence for Integrative Health Disparities and Equity Research (CIHDER) is a research center housed in HCHHS that focuses on all aspects of health disparities and health equity research. Health disparities and health equity research is complex and multi-faceted. To work toward the alleviation of these disparities, CIHDER is focused on working to create unique relationship-building activities and develop culturally sensitive engagement practices and research tools. Our work involves the diverse expertise of our NC A&T faculty, affiliate members, and community stakeholders to build sustainable and trusted relationships with minority ethnic groups and economically disadvantaged populations who bear the burden of disease. 

Mission Statement and Objectives of CIHDER

To bring together students and scholars of diverse disciplines and backgrounds to formulate new, relevant, and transformative research, theories, and models to bring greater clarity and understanding to health disparities and health inequities to create solutions for their elimination. 

  • Create an interdisciplinary community of researchers who leverage their expertise to solve complex problems associated with health disparities in chronic and infectious diseases. 
  • Conduct fundamental research in health disparities, transcending behavioral, basic, and translational aspects. 
  • Develop methods, technologies, and best practices for conducting basic, translational, and behavioral research that addresses health disparities and equity. 
  • Provide education and training opportunities for postdocs and NC A&T students at all levels. 
  • Support the professional development of junior faculty/early career investigators and postdocs via mentoring and professional development activities. 
  • Serve as a pipeline for health disparities researchers and health professionals who will go back to minority communities and work to alleviate health disparities. 



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