Cassandra M Germain

Assistant Professor

Cassandra M Germain
College of Health & Human Sciences


Science Building 226
B.A.Psychology / Hunter College
M.S.Psychology / North Carolina State University
Ph.D.Psychology / North Carolina State University


Dr. Cassandra M. Germain received her B.A. from Hunter College- CUNY and her MS and PhD from North Carolina State University. Dr. Germain is a big fan of nature and the arts. She also spent 9 1/2 years as primary caregiver to a person with dementia.

Research Interests

Dr. Germains research focuses on preserving functional health and wellbeing in older adults. Current projects include 1) examining the impact of music intervention on cognition, mood and neuropsychiatric symptoms in older adults with cognitive impairment/dementia; and 2) Understanding the relative contributions of chronic disease and health behaviors on functional impairment in aging women.

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Recent Publications

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