Legislative Priority:
Extend “County Operations Support Staff” designation to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Cooperative Extension employees.

North Carolina A&T seeks authority to make certain employees of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service exempt from the State Human Resources Act. The exceptional employment classification is referred to as County Operations Support Staff (COSS). The unique COSS employment classification would help to maximize flexibility in talent recruitment and retention. It would provide unilateral flexibility and full campus authority to create and manage Cooperative Extension support and program staff positions to meet their program and operational needs.


Premier Research Institution Funding: $10M recurring, $5M nonrecurring
North Carolina A&T State University is requesting funds to support its continued pursuit of becoming a premier research institution by strategically expanding the diversity of programs, research faculty and staff, research expenditures, and building infrastructure. Funds would support new faculty and professional positions for new and existing programs, such as postdoctoral scholars, research staff and professional advising staff. Additionally, support is needed for start-up funds for faculty and graduate student support. N.C. A&T aims to ensure students have access to the expertise, research facilities and curricula that will prepare them for graduate studies or make them competitive for top careers, especially in STEM disciplines.

Agriculture Research and Extension Match: $10,660,611M
As one of the state’s two land-grant institutions, N.C. A&T requests funds to expand Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension programs to ensure support for research that will continue to produce measurable, high-impact outcomes for local and state economies. N.C. A&T serves all of North Carolina, with a focus on small farmers and limited resource communities. Current State appropriation levels for these programs provide only the minimum 1:1 federal match required. An additional $10,660,661 would increase the amount of State funds matching federal funds to a ratio of 2:1. The additional appropriations would be used to strategically broaden the reach and depth of existing Agricultural Research and Extension programs (such as 4H Youth Development programs), build strengths in new niche/growth areas (such as agricultural entrepreneurship, sustainability, food security, etc.), and leverage synergies with partners.


Health and Human Sciences Building: $125M
N.C. A&T seeks funding to build a Health and Human Sciences Building to increase graduation of healthcare professionals, enhance faculty research, build scholarship, expand community-health partnerships, and develop advanced health science programming. The John R. and Kathy R. Hairston College of Health and Human Sciences at N.C. A&T is the largest and fastest growing college.

Agricultural Research and Classroom Building: $125M
N.C. A&T seeks funding to build an Agricultural Research and Classroom Building that will allow the university to further build out programs to develop sustainable agricultural practices and enhance the research environment around the new doctoral program in agriculture and environmental science. In a state where agriculture is the no. 1 industry, A&T is a major source of practical research and information, particularly for small farms and limited resource communities, as well as family-owned or legacy farms. The new agricultural research and classroom building will enhance the university’s capacities to fill critical needs for North Carolina and the United States.

Recreation and Wellness Complex: $160M
For the ninth consecutive year, N.C. A&T has enrolled the largest student body in the history of the university. With steadily increasing overall and residential student enrollment, N.C. A&T seeks funding for a recreation and wellness complex that accommodates the physical, mental, and emotional needs of students and mitigates the tensions of a flourishing enrollment.