Decades of research at North Carolina A&T has produced a variety of patented intellectual property. The patents and innovations listed below represent technologies available for license and development.

Contact Dr. Laura Collins  at LCollin1@ncat.edu with any questions.

High energy, flexible paper battery (Yeoheung Yun)
US 10,128,512  “Paper-based magnesium battery and the use thereof”

Structurally and electrochemically robust cathode materials requiring less lithium
US 10,547,051  “Multi-phase structured cathode active material for lithium ion battery”

Wireless energy storage device
WO 2019/104193  “Wireless Charge – Discharge Flexible Energy Storage Devices”

Solid Electrolyte for Lithium Ion Batteries
USSN 16/253,940 “Solid Electrolyte Membrane and Uses Thereof in Batteries”

Using connected vehicles to maximize on-going locating of traffic signals
(Hyoshin Park)
USSN 16/254,474 “Anticipator Dynamic Traffic Sensor Location Problems with Connected Vehicle Technologies”

A method of estimating distracted driving safety (Hyoshin Park)
USSN 16/244,758 “Explicit Duration Hidden Markov for Vehicle Automation with Distraction”

Device for use in millimeter wave frequency integrated circuits (Numan Dogan)
US Publication No. 2019/0273468 “Differential Constructive Wave Oscillator Device”

Improving password safety and memorability (Mohd Anwar)
US Publication No. 2020/0026843 “Authentication Systems Using Sequences of Tile Selections from a Grid”


Accelerated growth of medicinal and decorative plants (Guochen Yang)
US 9,474,272 and US 10,028,505 “Micropropagation of Alexandrian laurel (Danae racemosa L)”
US Publication No. 2018/0168161 Micropropagation of black cohosh”



Asphalt binder derived from swine waste
US 9,637,615, US 10,077,356, EP 2898037 and US Publication No. 2019/0112454 “Preparation and uses of bio-adhesives “

Epoxy resin with green binder (Lifeng Zhang)
US Publication No. 2019/0233638 “Green Epoxy Resin with Biobinder from Manure”

Green Biochar as cement replacement (Andrea Ofori-Boadu)
US Publication No. 2019/0345061 “Swine-Waste Biochar as a Sustainable Cement Replacement Material"

Green biobinder with crumb rubber
“Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Binder Additive”




Non-destructive materials testing (Mannur Sundaresan)
US 9,151,733  “Acoustic emission sensor array”
US 10,546,207  “Normalized Defect Characterization of Pulse Thermographic Nondestructive Evaluation”

Preparation of complex-shaped composite materials without an autoclave (Ajit Kelkar)
US 9,114,576  “Heat vacuum assisted resin transfer molding processes for manufacturing composite materials”

Carbon nanofiber synthesis using side-products of Kraft preparation of paper (Lifeng Zhang)
US 9,190,222  “Production of carbonaceous nano-fibrous materials with ultra-high specific surface area from alkali (Kraft) lignin”

Simplified method of making Palladium thin films (Shamsuddin Ilias)
US 8,298,620  “Methods of preparing thin films by electroless plating”

Generating scalable patterned features on a substrate (Salil Desai)
US 8,573,757  Methods and apparatus of manufacturing micro and nano-scale features

Preparation of structures, including furniture, from configured flat materials
US 9,185,984  and US 10,024,495 Folded sheets of material for use as a structural member and assembly thereof

Distribution of nanoparticles in thick epoxy composites (Ajit Kelkar)
US Publication No. 2019/0182996  “Increasing nanoparticle distribution in thick epoxy composite layers”





Device to remove nasal tissue to address nasal obstruction
USSN 29/716,164 “Inferior Turbinate Elevator”

Method of modulating stem cells to yield neural cells (Shyam Aravamudhan)
US Publication No. 2019/0359967 “Electrical stimulation via nanoelectrodes to modulate adipose-derived stem cells”


Carbon nanofibers prepared from side-products of Kraft preparation of paper (Lifeng Zhang)
US 9,190,222  “Production of carbonaceous nano-fibrous materials with ultra-high specific surface area from alkali (Kraft) lignin”

Antifungal nanofibers for use in fabric (e.g. hospital sheets, gowns, etc) (Lifeng Zhang)
US 10,412,962  and US Publication No. 2020/0077652  “Antifungal Compositions and Methods of Use Thereof”

Modified carbon nanotube sheets (Yeoheung Yun)
US 10,505,201  “CNT Sheet Substrates and Transition Metals Deposited on Same”

Group III/V Nanowire semiconductors (emission maximum of 1.25-1.35 μm) (Shanthi Iyer)
US Publication No. 2017/0130363  “GaAs/GaAs(1-x-y)SbxNy Core-Shell Nanowires”

Aspirin-resveratrol, aspirin-pterostilbene, aspirin-gingerol and aspirin-shogaol (Shengmin Sang)
US 9,187,402, US 9,745,248, US 9,850,195  and US 9,950,987  “Aspirin derivatives and uses thereof”

Derivatives of 6-Shogaol, a component of ginger (Shengmin Sang)
US 9,272,994  and US 9,549,911  “Ginger metabolites and uses thereof”

Activation of Nrf2, implicated in inflammation, using ginger derivatives (Shengmin Sang)
US 10,342,766 and US 10,363,230  “6-shogaol derivatives and activities thereof”