Decades of research at North Carolina A&T has produced a variety of patented intellectual property. The patents and innovations listed below represent technologies available for license and development.

Accelerated growth of medicinal and decorative plants (Guochen Yang)

  • US 9,474,272 and US 10,028,505 “Micropropagation of Alexandrian laurel (Danae racemosa L)”

US Publication No. 2018/0168161 “Micropropagation of black cohosh”

High energy, flexible paper battery (Yeoheung Yun)

  • US Publication No. 2017/0018784 “Paper-based magnesium battery and the use thereof”

GaAsSb(N) Nanowire semiconductors (emission maximum of 1.25-1.35 μm) (Shanthi Iyer)

  • US Publication No. 2017/0130363 “GaAs/GaAs(1-x-y)SbxNy Core-Shell Nanowires”

Structurally and electrochemically robust cathode materials requiring less lithium (Sung-Jin Cho)

  • US Publication No 2017/0250404 “Multi-phase structured cathode active material for lithium ion battery”

Antifungal nanofibers for use in fabrics (Lifeng Zhang)

  • US Publication No. 2017/0142965 “Antifungal compositions and methods of use thereof”

Reducing peanut allergenicity using food grade enzymes (Jianmei Yu)

  • US 8,211,485 and EP 2170106 “Process for preparing hypoallergenic and non-allergenic peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) utilizing an endopeptidase”
  • US Publication No. 2018/0014562 “Enzymatic Treatment of Peanuts”


Therapeutically effective ginger metabolites (Shengmin Sang)

  • US 9,272,994 “Ginger metabolites and uses thereof”

Non-destructive materials testing (Mannur Sundaresan)

  • US 9,151,733 “Acoustic emission sensor array”
  • US Publication No. 2017/0294013 “Normalized Defect Characterization of Pulse Thermographic Nondestructive Evaluation”


Simplified preparation of complex-shaped composite materials (Ajit Kelkar)

  • US 9,114,576 “Heat vacuum assisted resin transfer molding processes for manufacturing composite materials”


Carbon nanofiber synthesis using side-products of Kraft preparation of paper (Lifeng Zhang)

  • US 9,190,222 “Production of carbonaceous nano-fibrous materials with ultra-high specific surface area from alkali (Kraft) lignin”


Palladium thin films (Shamsuddin Ilias)

  • US 8,298,620 “Methods of preparing thin films by electroless plating”


CNT Sheets having surface transition metals (Yeoheung Yun)

  • US Publication No. 2016/0351918 “CNT sheet substrates and transition metals deposited on same”

Predicting a Brown/Black out in a Smart Power Grid Network (Marwan Bikdash)

  • US Publication No. 2017/0214242 “System and method for assessing smart power grid networks”

Preparation of structures, including furniture, from configured flat materials (Mitchell Henke)

  • US 9,185,984 and US 10,024,495 “Folded sheets of material for use as a structural member and assembly thereof”


Pressure sensor (William Craft)

  • US 7,355,718 “Pressure sensor having two materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion configured to reduce temperature dependence"