Mannur Sundaresan


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
McNair Hall 615
OtherMechanical (Machine Design) / Bangalore University-India
Ph.D.Engineering Mechanics / Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
OtherEngineering Mechanics / Bangalore University

Research Interests

Structural Health Monitoring, Acoustic Emission, Nondestructive Evaluation, composite materials, wave propagation

Recent Publications

  • Letchuman Sripragash, Mannur Sundaresan, Letchuman Sripragash, Mannur Sundaresan (2017). (Non-uniformity correction and sound zone detection in pulse thermographic nondestructive evaluation). In -, (New developments in thermographic nondestructive evaluation) (--April) --87, pp. --60-67 ). NDT & E - an international journal published by Elsivier.
  • P Pai, H Deng, Mannur Sundaresan, H Deng, P Pai (2015). (Time-frequency characterization of lamb waves for material evaluation and damage inspection of plates). 62, pp. 183-206 ). Mechanical systems and signal processing.
  • Kassahun Asamene, Larry Hudson, Mannur Sundaresan, Mannur Sundaresan, Kassahun Asamene (2015). (Influence of Attenuation on Acoustic Emission Signals in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Panels). 59 (2015): , pp. 86-93. ). Ultrasonics.
  • William Nick, Kassahun Asamene, Gina Bullock, Albert Esterline, Mannur Sundaresan, Albert Esterline, Mannur Sundaresan, William Nick, Gina Bullock (2015). (A Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting and Classifying Structural Damage). (4) 5, pp. 313-318 ). International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing.
  • P Pai, B Nguyen, Mannur Sundaresan, , P Pai, Mannur Sundaresan (2013). (Nonlinearity identification by time-domain-only signal processing). (September) 54, pp. pp85-98 ). International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.
  • P Pai, Mannur Sundaresan, P Pai, Mannur Sundaresan (2012). (Space-Wave number and Time-Frequency Analysis for Damage Inspection of Thin-Walled Structures). (4) 11, pp. 452-471 ). Structural Health Monitoring - An International Journal .
  • Mark Schulz, Ajit Kelkar, Mannur Sundaresan, Mark Schulz, Ajit Kelkar, Mannur Sundaresan (2005). (Nanoengineering of structural, functional and smart materials). ). CRC Press.
  • Ernest Shackelford, Anindya Ghoshal, Mannur Sundaresan, Mark Schulz, CR Ashokkumar, Frederick Ferguson, Ernest Shackelford, Mannur Sundaresan, Frederick Ferguson (2005). (Experimental laser sensing for aircraft vibration suppression). (6) 43, pp. 1394--1398 ). AIAA journal.