College of Science and Technology

Nuclear Physics

The nuclear physics group performs experimental research in collaboration with the Jefferson Laboratory (JLab), a world-class high energy nuclear physics facility under the Department of Energy (DOE). Our group is playing leadership roles in several experimental projects at JLab: (a) precision determination of the proton radius; (b) high precision measurements of the light elementary particles (pseudoscalar mesons) to address the fundamental symmetries and their breaking phenomena in physics. Our group is also a part of the low-energy nuclear physics research program with Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) at Duke University.


Abdellah Ahmidouch - Professor, Experimental
Intermediate And Low Energy Nuclear Physics; Nuclear Nonproliferation And Nuclear Special Materials; Physics and STEM Education; Development of Nuclear And Particle Physics Instrumentation; Medical Physics; Nuclear Energy

Samuel Danagoulian – Professor, Experimental
Intermediate energy nuclear physics; Low Energy Nuclear Physics; Non-proliferation of nuclear material.


Ashot Gasparian - Professor, Experimental
Intermediate energy nuclear and particle physics; Precision measurements; Monte Carlo simulations; Development of nuclear and particle physics instrumentation and detection systems.

Ronald Pedroni - Associate Professor, Experimental
Intermediate energy nuclear and particle physics