Certificate in Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment

The 12 hour Certificate Program in Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment (VEWA) prepares students to administer, score, and interpret a variety of psychological, cognitive, intelligence, aptitude, and career tests, especially for persons with disabilities. The certificate also prepares specialists who focus on pre-employment and employment skill development along with reintegrating persons with disabilities into the community.

VEWA Curriculum (12 hours) 

COUN 771     Foundations of Vocational Evaluation

COUN 772     Vocational Evaluation Laboratory

COUN 776     Principles of Work Adjustment

Students will also select one of the following electives:

COUN 752     American Sign Language

COUN 762     Advanced Assessment in Rehabilitation

COUN 777     Assistive Technology in Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Services

For more information about this certificate, please contact the coordinator, Dr. Paige Dunlap at pdunlap@ncat.edu