College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences


The mission of Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society is to promote and recognize achievement in agricultural and related sciences.  The mission is accomplished by:

  • Recognizing high standards of scholarship and leadership in agricultural and related sciences;
  • Encouraging high quality achievement, professional ethics and service of those entering into and working in agricultural and related sciences; and
  • Rendering service that will promote understanding of the agricultural sector by the general public. 

The honor of membership may be granted to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty or staff, and alumni by a chapter. Eligibility for election is as follows.

  1. Undergraduate students
    1. Juniors or seniors with a major in agricultural or related sciences and who have completed at least one year of academic work at the initiating institution; and
    2. Scholastically ranked in the upper 5% if juniors or in the upper 15% if seniors within the class of eligible students
  2. Graduate students
    1. Shown superior ability to carry on research and/or advanced study in agricultural or related sciences and promise of making worthwhile contributions in these fields;
    2. Completed 40 percent (including approved graduate transfer credit) of the required hours for the advanced degree being sought; and
    3. Attained a grade average of at least a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent in graduate work
  3. Faculty or staff
    1. Shown outstanding teaching, research, extension, and/or service in agricultural or related sciences; and
    2. Been on appointment at the initiating institution at least three years.
  4. Alumni
    1. Shown outstanding work in or service to agricultural or related sciences;
    2. Graduated from the initiating institution or an institution with a Gamma Sigma Delta chapter and;
    3. Graduated at least five years prior to election to membership

GSD Membership Nomination Form 2021