College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Awards and Award Criteria

Award of Excellence in Extension


  1. Ability to motivate others and stimulate creative learning.
  2. Innovation in presentation and evaluation via teamwork.
  3. Mastery of subject matter and ability to share that mastery in a team environment.

Program Development

  1. New or pioneering approaches to solving societal issues.
  2. Ability to identify the real issues facing the citizen of the state and the country.
  3. Broad scope of the program.
  4. Extent to which the program has been used by others.

Collaboration and Public Service

  1. Involvement with other faculty members.
  2. On committees of public service.
  3. Participation in school university and community activities.

Award of Excellence in Research

Research and Creative Achievement

  1. Research to advance the knowledge base in applied and basic natural and social sciences relevant to agriculture and home economics.
  2. Documentation of grants secured, papers presented, multidiscipline research, proposals written and funded.
  3. Research as an individual and as a member of a research team.
  4. Research as a project director or principal investigator.

Publications and Presentations

  1. Articles published in referred journals or books.
  2. Articles presented at conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars, etc.
  3. Books authored or co-authored.
  4. Participation as a panelist.

Professional Growth

  1. Attendance at conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.
  2. Travel for professional improvement.
  3. Participation in advanced study.
  4. Citations for scholarly achievement.
  5. Recipient of licensing credentials.


  1. Consultant services rendered.
  2. Supervision of research conducted by graduate students.
  3. Involvement, cooperation and working with extension and teaching facility.
  4. Special honors and awards received for research.
  5. Contributions to the School of Agriculture and the University.

Professional Organizations

  1. Membership in professional organizations.
  2. Offices held in professional organizations.
  3. Regular attendance and participation in annual meetings.

Extra Activities

  1. Discussion of other relevant point in terms of contributions to the good of the citizens of North Carolina, the University, the School of Agriculture, the Extension Service, the family and the individual himself/herself.

Award of Excellence in Teaching

Quality of Teaching

  1. Broad knowledge base of content area.
  2. Successful motivation of students.
  3. Interest and respects for students.
  4. Innovative and relevant teaching methods and strategies.
  5. Analysis and evaluation of student achievement.
  6. Involvement and cooperation with research and extension faculty.


  1. Consultant services rendered.
  2. Departmental committee assignments.
  3. School committee assignments.
  4. University committee assignments.
  5. Contributions to the department, school or university not previously mentioned.

Advising, Counseling and Extracurricular Activities with Students

  1. Academic advising.
  2. Career counseling.
  3. Student recruitment.
  4. Advising student organizations.

Professional Development

  1. Attendance and/or presentations at seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.
  2. Attendance and/or presentations at local, state, national professional meetings.
  3. Offices held in professional organizations.
  4. Published papers, manuals, bulletins, etc.
  5. Participation in advanced study.

Student Awards of Merit

Determined by the highest ranking student by class for the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

  • Freshman Award of Merit
  • Sophomore Award of Merit
  • Junior Award of Merit
  • Senior Award of Merit

GSD Award Nomination Form