College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science - Agricultural and Environmental Systems (Environmental Studies)

The Environmental Studies major combines courses (curriculum) from several disciplines, which enables you to develop your creativity, analytical skills and imagination by discovering alternative ways of applying science and your communication and leadership skills to environmental problem solving. This major incorporates breadth and depth, and provides flexibility to focus in an area of interest to you. It is popular among students interested in careers as environmental scientists.

Some of the topics in this discipline include: climate change; resource conservation; environmental security; energy security; air pollution; water pollution; environmental justice; food security; environmental markets; environmental politics; environmental/ecological restoration; water quality; surface and sub-surface hydrology, and land management. Classroom instruction in these areas is augmented with experiential learning opportunities through internships and faculty-mentored research projects.

A major in Environmental Studies will give you access to many great job opportunities. Our graduates are readily recruited by government agencies, Cooperative Extension, private industries, and graduate schools.

Please see our curriculum and contact us to arrange a tour of our facilities, or to find out if a major in Environmental Studies fits with your career goals.