College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Speedway to Healthy

What is Speedway to Healthy?

Ready, Set, Go!  Speedway to Healthy logoSpeedway to Healthy is a 1,200-square-foot walk-through exhibit representing the human body.

This creative, educational exhibit teaches children in kindergarten through fifth (K-5) grades how the foods they eat affect their bodies and health.

Supporting classroom activities linked to the state’s Common Core guidelines are available to reinforce the healthy lifestyle behaviors that students will learn.

Experience and Design

Digital Artwork of the Speedway to Healthy Exhibit.The exhibit experience begins at the starting line, where children are given a food sticker from the MyPlate model.

The students race through the body, pretending to be molecules of food found in the MyPlate food groups. They visit 11 volunteer-led “pit stops” that feature fun, educational activities focused on healthy lifestyle choices.