College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

Grades K-5 are the targeted grade range.

The exhibit is 1,200 square feet. An indoor space of 35 feet by 45 feet is required to allow adequate clearance for exiting the exhibit.

Speedway to Healthy is an indoor exhibit. Under no circumstances should it be set up in any outdoor setting.

The exhibit is made of lightweight aluminum beams with fabric panels attached. The exhibit is enclosed on all sides and is open at the top.

Speedway to Healthy Exhibit – all structural pieces needed to set up the exhibit arrive at the scheduled site in a custom-designed van.

Instructional Exhibit Set-up Video - shows each step of the exhibit set-up. Volunteers can preview prior to the set-up date. 

Set-up instructions and graphic set-up guides - written step-by-step instructions are provided to aid volunteers in setting up the exhibit structure on site.

Facilitator and Program Guide – includes everything needed to sponsor a Speedway to Healthy exhibit event (i.e. policies and guidelines, management tools, and lesson scripts for pit stop presentations).

Classroom Activities – teachers are provided hands-on, learn-by-doing experiences designed to enhance learning and increase the potential for changes in behavior.

Volunteers assist with three tasks: exhibit set-up, takedown, and pit-stop presentations.  At least 15 volunteers are needed to set up and take down the exhibit. Eleven volunteers are needed as pit-stop presenters. We recommend 12-to-24 volunteers to handle the various tasks at various times. Also, the number of volunteers may vary based on the number of days the exhibit is booked.

Adult volunteers must be physically capable of carrying the exhibit’s items and using a screwdriver. If available, individuals who are mechanically inclined or builders are helpful, but no special skills are required. Set-up instructions and a facilitator will be provided.  

Volunteer presenters must be able to follow the script and work with children. Students will enjoy and remember more from an enthusiastic presenter.

The exhibit is free.  Due to special programming support, we are able to provide this program at no cost to North Carolina schools.

It takes 4-8 hours to set up the exhibit and 5 hours to take it down.

Yes. Trained high school students can serve as presenters. They cannot, however, assist with the set-up or takedown of the exhibit.

Your cooperative extension agent is your primary contact for hosting the Speedway to Healthy.

If you cannot reach your local agent, you may contact the Speedway to Healthy Coordinator at